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C by Ladon

You need the full version of FWsim to download these effects. In FWsim, cick "Tools" -> "Online Effects Database" in the menu. Make sure you are using the most recent version.

Uploaded: August 3, 2014

Effects (100)

Double Ring


Fächer Batterie Kometen, Zerleger

Fächer Batterie mit Abschluss Zerleger

Fächer Cake

Fächer Cake mit viele Effekten

Fächer Cake Salutes and Green Crosette With Heart Finale

farfalle (herts

Farfalle in the sky

Feeuertopf hell zu Dunkelblau

Feuertopf (Crackling)

Feuertopf Blau, whistle

Feuertopf Cake Blue,Purple

feuertopf gold

Feuertopf Gold mit Weißen Blinkern

Feuertopf green tails

Feuertopf Grün, Blau mit roter verwandlung

Feuertopf purple with orange tails

feuertopf rot


Gold bomb with crackling and green stars

Gold Shell White Strobe

gold sun

Gold sun with Crackling

Golden Waterfalls

Green and Blue Bomb with Crosette

Green and White Blinker

green bomb to crackling

Green Bomb With White Tail

Green Comet with Crosette

Green crackling bomb

green fountain

Green Rocket

Green sun

Green to Crackling

Green with blue Tail

Großer Feuertopf

Halbkugel Purple

heart and ring bomb

Heart Bomb

Heart Rocket (Farfalle)

Herz Farfalle


Highspeed Bomb

Komet mit Crackling

Ladon Cake 4

Ladon cake 5

Ladon Cake 6.1

Ladon Cake 6.2

Langsam Fallend

langsame Sonne

Little Bomb with 11 shell of shells (WATERFALL)

little bomb with tails

little palm

little sun

Little Waterfall

littlebomb purple

long cake

Long Speed

Long Waterfall

Loud salute

Loud salutes

Mega Bomb

Mega Fächer Cake

Mega Feuertopf

mega Finale

Mine and ring cake

Mine Big

Mine with Crosette

Mine with shell of shells Blue

New Bomb

Nice Bomb

Nice Rocket

Orange Bomb with Tail

Orange Mine white Strobe

Pink to Green With tails and Crackling

Purple and gold sun

Purple bomb with gold tails (Strobe)

Purple Mine with Whistle

Red bomb white Tails

Red comet with green tail

red green fountain big

Red Mine

Red Rocket

Red Shell with blue Tail

red sun with white tails

Red waterfall with blue crosette, Crackling

Red Waterfall with Crackling

Red, White Bomb to Blue


Ring Rocket Blue

Rocket Farfalle

Rocket klein 2 Farbig

Roman candle Blue

Roman Candle Colour

Roman Candle Colour (Cake)

Roman Candle Crosette

Roman Candle Yellow to Blue

Roman Candle Yellow with Crosette

rote blinker