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B by Ladon

You need the full version of FWsim to download these effects. In FWsim, cick "Tools" -> "Online Effects Database" in the menu. Make sure you are using the most recent version.

Uploaded: August 3, 2014

Effects (99)

A Colour Power Tail Effect (X2)

A Little Boom

aab bomb

aab bomb 2

aab Bomb 3

Air Express 1

Air Express 2

Air Express 3

Air Express 4

Air Express 5



Auflösendes Herz

Batterie mit sehr vielen effekten

Batterie schnell

Big Bimb Colour

big bom

Big Bomb gold

Big Bomb Purple With blue Crosette

Big Bomb White Blinker

Big Bomb white, Blue

Big Bomb with Farfalle

Big Cake

Big Cake 20 Shots Mines with Big Bombs

Big Chaos 1

Big colour Bomb

Big colour bomb with green Tail

Big colour Cake

big comet

big gold bomb

Big Heart Salute

big mine

big mines


Big Ring

big rocket

Big Roman Candle

Big Salute

big shell of shells

big shell of shells salute

Big Shock Cake

Big strobe and roman candle

Big Wheel

Big Whistle

big whistle shell

Big Yellow

biggest salute

blinker 1

blinker 2

blinker 3

blinker mine

Blinker Sonne

Blinker weiß, Grün

Blue Bomb with Gold Tail and Crackling

Blue Bomb with white tails and Crackling

Blue bomb with yellow palm

Blue Bomb with yellow tails

Blue Bombwith yellow tails (small)

Blue Comet With Green Crosette

Blue Mine Farfalle

Blue mine with gold tails

Blue Sun with long stars

Blue tails Bomb

Blue, White Bomb with a Palm

Boden Salut mit Blau/Grünem Vorbrenner


Bomb red with yellow tails

bombe gold groß

Cake 20 Shots Colour

Cake Green Crackling Palm

Colour bomb

Colour Bomb 1

Colour Bombs

Colour Cake

colour cake 2

colour cake 3

Colour Cake 4

Colour Cake 5

Colour Cake 6

Colour Cake 7

colour Crackling

Colour Heart

colour mine

colour ring (Charge)

Colour Rocket

Colour roman Candle (Big)

Colour Roman Candle Cake (Big)

colour salute

Colour Salute

Colour Sun

colour waterfall

Colour waterfall 1

comet red

Comet Weiß blue pink Mine Und 25 Carat gefächert

Cool big bomb

Crackling Bomb green to blue

Crackling Sun

Crosette sun purple

Crosette with 3 Hearts