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pyrovince fc by pyrovince

You need the full version of FWsim to download these effects. In FWsim, cick "Tools" -> "Online Effects Database" in the menu. Make sure you are using the most recent version.

Uploaded: November 19, 2020

Effects (40)

6655TR20 chrys violet crepitant

665SA5 665TR27 chrys or bleu

665SA5 665TR28 chrys or rouge

665SA5 665TR4 chrys or vert

665TR11 blanc crepitant

665TR15 peony bleue

665TR19 chrys verte crépitante

665TR2 peony blanche

665TR25 peony rouge

665TR26 chrys blanche

665TR30 moit bleue blanche

665TR6 dragon eggs blanc crepit

665TR7 brocade crown

665TR8 chrys or crepitante

chandelle 25mm blanc 0761BA

chandelle 25mm bleue 0761BA

chandelle 25mm bleue trainee or 0761BB

chandelle 25mm jaune 0761BA

chandelle 25mm rouge 0761BA

chandelle 25mm rouge trainée blanche 0761BB

chandelle 25mm verte trainée rouge 0761BB

chandelle 25mm violet trainée vert 0761BB

chandelle 30mm argent paf rouge 0762BB

chandelle 30mm blanc 0762BA

chandelle 30mm bleue paf orange 0762BB

chandelle 30mm jaune 0762BA

chandelle 30mm or paf mauve 0762BB

chandelle 30mm orange 0762BA

chandelle 30mm vert paf crepitant 0762BB

chandelle 30mm verte 0762BA

chandelle 38mm argent crossette argent 0763BD

chandelle 38mm bleue + bombette bleue 0763B

chandelle 38mm rouge + bombette rouge 0763B

chandelle 38mm vert + bombette verte 0763B

chandelle 50mm crosette blanche +paf or 0764BA

chandelle 50mm crosette rouge + paf bleu 0764BA

chandelle 50mm crosette verte + paf blanc 0764BA

lemon purple

red green crossette

white crossette