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Ziko Pirotechnia by Jaime Alimario

You need the full version of FWsim to download these effects. In FWsim, cick "Tools" -> "Online Effects Database" in the menu. Make sure you are using the most recent version.

Uploaded: May 26, 2020

Effects (104)

20Shots Mine w Blue Peony

20Shots Mine w Peony Purple

3 Layered Mine Shift Color

4Layered Mine PGBR Peony

50 Shots Crossete

Ascent Star Red

Bengal Strobe 20secs

Bengal Strobe Fast

Bird Fountain

Bird Fountain 4wings


Blink Repeats 10Shots

Blink With Sound

Blue To White Mine

Blue Trail

Blue White Core And Tails 20Shots

BlueMine W Strobing Peony To Violet

Bombard Cake 20Shots

Bombard Shell G

Bombard W 5Shots

Brocade Mine With Blue Mine 10Shots

Brocade Strobing w/ Blue Stars

Brocade W Popper Mine


Coconut Shell Crackling Tails And Stars\

Comet Cyan

Comet Red

Comet Silver

Comet star

Dark Willow W White Ends

DarkOrange Brocade w/ Blue strobing Stars

Double Timerain Palm

Falling Fountain G

Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves Blue With Strobing White

Falling Leaves Purple With Strobing White

Fan 5 Mine With Y/r Trail Peony

Fan Crossettes w tails

Fan Mine 2Layer With Tails

Fan Trail Fan With Blue Mine With Peony Blue White Strobe And Trail Pisti;

FanSlice w Golden Tail w SBG crossetes

Farfalle w Changing W-G Mine

Finale Cake 50Shots Timerain Peony

Flying Dragons

Ghost Mine Draft

Go Getter B

Go Getter G

Golden Plain Trail

Green Strobe Mine With Crackling Willow With Blue Pearl

Green Trail

Gun salutes

High Few Stars With Crossete

High Fountain 15secs

Italian Shell SoS

Itallian Mine With Itallian Peony

Jump Mine Fall ORG/RED stars

Mine Blue With Strobing Trails

Mine Cake

Mine Fan With Round Core And White Peony

Mine Few Stars Crossetes

Mine Popper Red--

Mine Purple And White Strobe With Tourbillon Peony 50Shots

Mine W Peony Draft

Mine W Peony w Crakling Core

Mine w PeonyP

Mine White And Strobing Fan 5 Fast

Mine White Strobing Fan 5 Slow

Mine With Crackle Tails

Mine With Fast Trails

Mine With Popping Flowers 7shots

Mine With Tails With Popping Flowers

Orange Trail

Photo Flash 50s 4secs

Plain Trail

Purpule Trail

Rainbow Mine

Rainbow To White Peony

Rainbow WaterFall 10 Shot

Red Trail

RedShiftWhite Peony w Trail Core

Regular Mine Red

Ring Willow WSilver Core And Whit strobe Peony

Ring With Blue And Strobing Core 5shot

Row 8 Popping Peony's

Row Fan Orange Trail With Popping Flowers

Silver Chrysanthenum

Silver Gerb

Slice Glittering Mine With Blue Mine

Star Trails

Strobing Gold Tail And Green Stars Slice

Tourbillon Fan 5s W red Mine Stars

Tourbillon Fan Cake

Tourbillon With Blue And White Strobing Peoney with Cracling Tails Inside

Trail Popper Silver

Trail With Popping Flowers White

Twilight Glitter Comet w/ Multicolor Mine

Waterfall 20 shots W shape

Waterfall With Strobing Stars

Wheel 10secs

Wheel W popoing flowers

Whistle Cake w Shifting R-B

White Trail

Willow Comet

Yellow-Purpule Trail w/ Silver star W crossette Red