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user 3 by ramos

You need the full version of FWsim to download these effects. In FWsim, cick "Tools" -> "Online Effects Database" in the menu. Make sure you are using the most recent version.

Uploaded: March 8, 2020

Effects (89)

300mm bleu blanc rouge



BdB rouge violet

blue mine with crakle

Blue shell of rings

bombe 150 étoile bleu trainé rouge

bombe 150 vert

bombe 200 bleu bleu

bombe 200mm bleu rose

bombe 3 anneaux

bombe cercle bleu sifflet

bombe cintillante verte

bombe double 150mm rouge argent

cake 23sec crep.

cascade dorée trainée argent

chandelle bleu paf violet

chandelle rouge jaune

chandelle rouge vert

compact 80cps color

compact rocket

Concerto Rossa

etoile verte trainée bleu 150mm

fontain 3sec argent

fontain 3sec green

fontaine 5sec argent

Fountain, Gold

Funky Sky-2

giant steel palm

green 300 crépit

green shell of rings

Heart multibreak

Heart, outer ring, 600mm, red/yellow

marron d'air 150mm sifflement

mine bleu

mine droite bleu violet

mine eruption RJB

mine jaune crépitant

mine rouge

mine verte

Mine, few stars, green

Mine, high, few stars, yellow

Mine, red Tails only

mono coup blanc blanc

mono coup jaune gerbe verte

mono coup rouge violet

monocoup violet

monocoup bleu

monocoup rouge

Multibreak Palm, yellow orange red

palm argent

palm jaune

Palm, 200mm, golden tails only

Peony (huge)

Peony w Crackling, green, 300mm

Peony with Crackling

Peony, 200mm red

Peony, blue with red pistil

Peony, green/white/Strobe

Peony, Strobe, 200mm

purple crackle repeater

Red Chrys shell of shells

Red shell of rings

Red white & blue fountain

ring bomb 200mm violet

ring palm 200mm green

ring palm white 200mm

rocket 1

Rocket, empty, white tail

Roman Candle, big

Roman Candle, small, yellow/white

Salut Shell, small

Saturn green 300mm

Shell of Shells green to red with crackle

Shell of Shells w Palm, yellow green

Shell of Shells, Tigertail white / Peony strobe red

Silver Star

Single Comet with Crossette and Tails, yellow/red

Single Comet with Crossette, green/blue

Single Comet, red

Stars in Heaven

Tigertail 200mm narrow golden

Tigertail, 600mm, white

Time Square-2

Time Suqare-5

Titanium Salute with tiger tail

volcano white white

Waterfall Shell

white strobing peony