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Nicolas by Nicolas

You need the full version of FWsim to download these effects. In FWsim, cick "Tools" -> "Online Effects Database" in the menu. Make sure you are using the most recent version.

Uploaded: November 22, 2019

Effects (40)

16 inch blue 2 red 2 crackle

Blue and Red Peony with purple pistil and rising tail

Blue mine to crackle full

Blue shell of rings

comet blue

comet gold

comet yellow

Double petal Red 2 Blue 2 Crackle

efctv ring red

efect green atomic

effecv pony farle

eftcv green glizer

Floating Mine Blue with crackle

Giant Gold Palm

Golden Willow

Green Chrysanthemum with yellow tails

green shell of rings

palm crakling

pony palm

pony torbilon

Purple Chrysanthemum

purple crackle repeater

Purple mine with silver fish

Red Chrys shell of shells

Red mine with crackle

red mine with tails

Red shell of rings

red shell of shells loud

Red white & blue fountain

Shell of Shells green to red with crackle

shell red

Silver Comet

SILVER Meteor to Blue Stars with crackle

steper pony blue ring

steper stars

Titanium planets

Titanium Salute

Titanium Salute with tiger tail

Volley of jumbo Blue Chrysanthemums with tiger tail

white strobing peony