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pirotecnia santiago by vict sant

You need the full version of FWsim to download these effects. In FWsim, cick "Tools" -> "Online Effects Database" in the menu. Make sure you are using the most recent version.

Uploaded: August 28, 2018

Effects (45)

c. azul

c. verde




cometa diamantina

cometa diamantina mina


mina azul cambio

mina amarilla

mina amarilla flash

mina amarilla turquesa

mina azul

mina bicolor cambio

mina blanca

mina blanca flash

mina cracker

mina de silvatos

mina de trueno

mina dimantina special

mina farfalla

mina lluvia azul

mina lluvia rosa

mina lluvia turquesa

mina plateada

mina roja

mina rojo flash

mina rojo azul

mina rojo cambio

mina strobo rojo

mina strobo verde

mina verde

mina verde flash

mina verde lila

monolinea amarilla cometa

monolinea azul diamantina

monolinea blanca

monolinea de cracker

monolinea de farfalla

monolinea de ramilletes

monolinea estrobo blanco

monolinea fast

monolinea ramillete verde

monolinea roja

monolinea verde