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Mixed professional Effekts by Mr. Aurawida

You need the full version of FWsim to download these effects. In FWsim, cick "Tools" -> "Online Effects Database" in the menu. Make sure you are using the most recent version.

Uploaded: September 18, 2016

Effects (29)

3 Schlag bombe

6 fach Salut

6" blue to red peony with crackling

600er spezial mehrschlagbombe

besondere Rakete

blue chrysanthemum to green Crackling Crosette


brokad crown with blue corsett pistl

brokade crown with red strobing pistl

Double Dragon Eggs

Double Dragon Eggs 6"

goldfontäne groß 30 sec.


Löwenzahnbombe mit crackling

peony gelb 6"

pfeif zu bum

red kamuro to red corsette


ringbombe spezial

rocket brocade crown to red corsett

salut box 100 Schuss




spezial bombe 1

spezial cake

spezial krossettenbombe bunt 200mm

sterne rot

stutata de surprise