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Special Effects Collection by Jan-Niklas Bogatka

You need the full version of FWsim to download these effects. In FWsim, cick "Tools" -> "Online Effects Database" in the menu. Make sure you are using the most recent version.

Uploaded: September 5, 2013

Effects (15)

125mm Lucifer

125mm Orange Surprise

200mm Hard Beat

3" KB Chrystal Rain

300mm Silver Rain

4" KB Irukandjii


S-100-001 Blue(t)orange

S-100-005 Irukandjii blue

S-100-006 Irukandjii red

S-150-001 Urknall

S-200-001 Diamond Rain

S-300-001 Epileptic

S-300-002 Apokalypse

Z-150-001 Goetterdaemmerung